jay at Ringling Museum

                   Jay at the end of the Dragons Tail in N.C.

Living in Florida most all my life; one thing most everyone did in the 50s was a lot of fishing!

It seemed like the fishing places were all unique unto themselves...There were many but one in particular was Mermaid Point...

On that point and extended out on a long pier was a really picturesque fishing shack. I'd sit down over the end of it and look deep into that crystal clear water....which is where my mermaid sighting began.

I actually saw one!

That image never left & haunts me today which is why I sculpt as a tribute.

Now the faeries came many years after that- along with a sighting of a flying lizard in my garden.

I believe it to have escaped from a pet shoppe near by.

I have always painted Florida Nature scenes, and the beauty of the untainted Florida is something to behold! 

I try to keep the backyard like Florida before the population exploded....and I have been rewarded by many little creatures/beings in it.

Even though I live in a very populated area, I still have possums and raccoons at night. The one very large palm tree is home to a possum. or three!